Escape From Globalism

Adolf Hitler 1942

It must be clarified that the bulk of the exploration of the West was promoted by private firms and financed for the most part with private capital. The benefits of their discoveries accrued to the investors in the firm, not necessarily to the government or the people of the nation of origin. The monarch would invest the nation’s military as his or her personal investment in the enterprise. The expeditions of Columbus, for instance, were private ventures of Jewish financiers, who received notice of his “discoveries” even before Ferdinand and Isabella.
With the protection of the Dutch military, the principal maritime power at that time, the Dutch West India Company colonized and settled the Western Hemisphere solely to establish a steady flow of natural wealth back to its European investors, not to any national authority. This is a critical distinction and the source of much of the animosity against the Jews. The Gentiles were, for the most part, nationalists, owing their allegiance to the nation in whose territory they resided. They respected the edicts of their government particularly with regard to international relations. The Jews, on the other hand, considered themselves as Jews first, particularly in international commerce. They remained internationalists without the patriotic fervor of their Gentile countrymen. When their host country was at war with a trading partner of the Jew, and on whom an embargo had been placed, the Jews would continue trade by various method s including changing the name of the ship and / or its owner to one suiting the law in the port where they desired entry. The did not see this smuggling ass illegal or even harmful—just business. These were, after all, private transactions among private businesses and individuals—not with any government agency or national authority. But, as these arrangements flourished, the national interests were circumvented and the local governments taxed and restricted the Jews as the leading traders. These restrictions led to the historical application of the term “persecution,” but evidence shows that the practice of subordinating the national interest in pursuit of personal profit—and not religion, per se—raised the ire of the Gentile.

The Historical Research Department of The Nation of Islam.  The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews - Volume One.  Chicago: The Nation of Islam, 1991.  Print.

The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews  - Volume One and Two, conclude, exclusively with Jewish sources, that it was their ancestors who were responsible for the slave trade in the Americas, and who should be held responsible for the communist/fascist/corporatist activities of current governments around the world, such as creating fiat money systems, taxing citizens’ incomes, nationalizing education systems, enforcing crippling regulations on international and domestic trade, or forcing citizens into conflict over private business ventures.

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If you believe this tripe i have a bridge to sell you.

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I always find it amusing when antisemites say that Jews are responsible for both Communism and Corporatism/Capitalism, given that those two political/economic policies directly contradict each other. They don’t even go “some Jews invented Communism, other Jews invented Capitalism, Jews bring misery to the world no matter what they do,” they insist that the same Jews invented and promulgated both philosophies and they did it as part of some coherent Zionist conspiracy to defraud the goyim.

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You should give it a read. Every single citation is from a JEWISH AUTHOR. There are 1,275 citations in it. Pretty good for most books. The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews. I’m not saying Jews are behind everything. Unfortunately most people who see anyone say anything bad about what Jews have done or are doing get labeled “anti Semitic”. As far as prejudice goes, why are the inhabitants of what use to be Palestine for thousands of years not allowed to go back to there homes? Why does the military rush to destroy their homes? There are many legs to the machine of communism, socialism, however you put it. Jews are not the problem, a lot of the Zionist extremists are. In fact there are Israeli, as well as other Jews who protest against Israel’s prejudice state and Zionism. So before you label me an “anti Semite” maybe you should read what I’m putting out and and review the sources. It’s a wonderful read and I hope everyone, even Jewish folks, consider it for a read.

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In order for morbid-janitor to be anti-Semitic the jewish population of today would have to fit the criteria of actually being from Israel.  There is a massive amount of evidence that says that the current jewish population is of mainly Caucasian descent.  I say send those zionist ashkenazis back to Germany and Poland. Their people are misled and their leaders are criminals and gangsters.  Check out Benjamin Freedman and Jack Bernstein.

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